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The Problem


No matter what you think, you don’t have enough friends. This is an empirical fact. Research shows individuals begin narrowing their range of social partners long before old age, there’s been a lot of discussion about this in the popular press as well.

This is increasingly important now that we’re living in a world where your professional development is really a function of weak ties. These are casual friends, people we don’t know have strong relationships with but who we know from church, book clubs, or the local coffee shop.

Growing your list of friend is a marathon, not a sprint. Like getting regular exercise, it’s important to get to know more people.

The Solution: Online Book Club


To solve this problem, I’m putting together a set of online book clubs. The way the book club works is:

  1. The club selects a book to read
  2. You are invited to a skype chat on the weekend, to talk about what happened in that week’s reading.
  3. There is also a shared slack chat to share thoughts / musings during the week.

Each book club lasts for 8 weeks.

It’s dead simple, and it is very effective. I’m a big book club fan and this is what my college friends and I use to keep in touch. It’s a lot of fun.

Wait a minute - I don’t want to spend time with a bunch of losers


Don’t be a grouch. I’ll match you with people I think you’ll get along with by looking at your linkedin profile and judging you and your career. If you end up talking with a bunch of losers, guess what - that’s because I think that you’re a loser too!

OK, I’m willing to give this a try.

Sign Up

I’ve put together a simple google from here. Feel free to leave your contact information if you’re interested in trying this out, and I will match you with others that I think you’ll get along with.

Help! Who do I contact?

You can drop me a line at theodore dot wiles at gmail dot com if you’d like more information about this project. This is not a business, this is not a non-profit, this is just an idea I had that I’d like to try.